Wednesday, March 12, 2008

back from the bachelorette party

Words written so far today: 478
What I'm listening to: Spice and Company's , Guns (Soca for you who don't know)
What I read this week: my work in Progress, I was trying to get it ready for TOM (Touch of Magic, the contest the CFRWA sponsors ) I didn't make it.

This weekend was a writing challenge, I went to New Jersey for a bachelorette party. I'm pretty proud of myself for using my in flight time for writing, I did 312 on the way there and 470 on the way back. Which means i'm still in the game for the 100 word Challenge.
As for the party it was my first encounter, that I know of, with drag queens. We went to Lucky Chengs in downtown NYC. And had an absolute ball, we're still wondering if things were surgically removed.
Moving on from the mysteries of Drag queens, and to be PC the person in the picture is a Drag Doll. Yes there is a difference.One that would take too much time to explain considering I'm not sure where this particular doll is from.
Now on to the topic of conferences. Another friend and I are going to attend the Southern Lights Writers Conference in Jacksonville, Fl this March. Its put on by the First coast Romance Writers of Jacksonville .

This year their keynote speaker is Suzanne Brockmann. ( Of whom I'm a big fan, I've just give my Mother-in-law the first three of her books in the Troubleshooters series. I fully expect her to be demanding the others in the next week, and when she's done with those I should be ready to let go of Roxanne St. Claire's and Cindy Gerard's books.
So here's my question who are you favorite authors you don't have to rank them just let me know who you like.
Here I go with mine:
Georgette Heyer
Arthur Golden
Lucy Walker
Louisa May Alcott
Ismith Khan
V.S Naipaul
Alice Walker
James Fennimore Cooper
Margret Mitchell
Suzanne Brockmann
Cindy Gerard
Roxanne St.Claire


Macy O'Neal said...

oh gosh! what a great question.

I may visit again and add to my list, but here is the starter group:
Suzanne Brockmann
Susan Elizabeth Phillips
J.R. Ward
Laurell K. Hamilton
JK Rowling
Orson Scott Card
James Patterson

Okay -- enough for now.

Chudney Thomas said...

Don't worry I still have to add to mine as well.

Julie S said...

Oh...favorite authors. I have so many I can't even decide!

I'm glad you'll be at the conference!

Lara Dien said...

Chudney, we have a few of the same favorites--Georgette Heyer was my first favorite romance writer--the one who showed me romance novels could be witty and funny as well as romantic. And at a very young age, I wanted to BE Louisa May Alcott.

Today, my list would include not only Roxanne St. Claire and Cindy Gerard, but Marianne Stillings (romantic comedy) and Kelly St. John (ditto), Allison Brennan (back to r/s) and the one whom I beg to write faster -- the incomparable Karen Rose. I do also like Karen Marie Moning. Jane Austen, Charles de Lint (not romance) and James Rollins (also not romance) round out the list.

Chudney Thomas said...

I'm liking you list ladies, they're some I haven't read yet and I can't believe I forgot Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Jane Austen. And I do love Allison Brennan.
Mario Puzo
Robert ludlum (Mind you I read them when I was 12, so now I have to go back)
I have to back through my already read pile.
Ooh Patricia Briggs

Katie Reus said...

There are way too many to list, but off the top of my head: Linda Howard, Iris Johansen, Arthur Golden (glad to see you're a fan too), Lisa Marie Rice, Nancy Robards Thompson, Kay Hooper, Catherine Mann, Khaled Hosseini, Jo Leigh, Julia Quinn, and Stephanie Bond....If I don't stop now, I never will :)