Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ten Things you didn't know about me, and Happy Halloween!

I think I've done a post like this before, but since I'm really bad about tagging it would take too long to find it. (Thus begins my quest to tag ever post I've written)

Ten things you didn't know about me:
1) I was a radio DJ ( it was during college at my family's station and I was awesome)

2) I half believe in ghosts and spirits. (Too many Jumbie stories from Gran Gran when I was younger)

3) At one point I almost had my Ham Radio license. (Then I left for college and I forgot all about it)

4) I had exactly one goat and one sheep. ( The goat died of a disease and the sheep had to go back to my great aunt Eddie's because  the dogs wouldn't leave it alone.)

5) I watched my grandmother kill a chicken for dinner.

6)I routinely stole my daddy's pajero (think Toyota Montero compltete with brush guard and roll guard)when I was 15 ( I only drove it up and down the neigbourhood, he found out about that when I was 21)

7)I have never been scuba diving. ( Even though I lived on an island and could have gotten certified at any time. I suspect this had something to do with my mother not being able to swim)

8)I was a Barbie officianado. (Yes I was momentarily a girly girl)

9) I played tennis everyday for years and then stopped in college. ( Miss it like you wouldn't believe.)

10) Always wished I had insisted on dance classes. ( I would have been an excellent dancer, maybe)


Something I think we all need to hear!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Music Monday! MGK-Invincible

I run to this song, it usually comes on when I need that extra push. I had a conversation tonight with a friend and discovered that I needed to hear it tonight and probably on Monday morning. Then it struck me you might need to hear that you're invincible too!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Betwixt and Between.

I sit in a place that is the middle
Betwixt and Between,
 if you will.
I inhabit a space,
that makes it difficult to settle.
Easy to bounce,
from one thought to another.
Betwixt and Between,
If you will.
 Thoughts and Images,
Words and sounds,
Emotion and movement,
A cohesive tale.
The only movement from me,
is the movement of my fingers on the keyboard.
Sound of the rythmic tapping of the keys
the occaisional murmur of
Betwixt and Between.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What's happenning now.

The hubby has made the decision after having a second opinion not to have the surgery. ( I realized that in my silence I hadn't told anyone his decision. I just want another MRI in a few months so that we can make sure the nerve hasn't  decided to fuse to the bone or the disc or anywhere else it shouldn't be.)

I went to M&M and as we say refilled my well. I got a few request for partials and one for a full, so I'm busy looking everything over. I networked and simply talked to other like minded women. I danced my ass off.


I ran a five miler for the first time. I ran the entire way even though the fourth mile kicked my ass. My mantra for the first three had been you can do this. My mantra for the last two was literally don't puss out. (I'm a delicate flower can't you tell)

I managed to run it in and hour and five minutes. Which if you knew me meant I was over my expected time by five minutes. Like that actually matters. What matters is, a few things that I've been working on for myself emotionally and mentally came together on that run somewhere along mile 3.  These are intensely personal and private and they needed to be worked out.

My hubby couldn't refrain from the I told you so when I came home and told him some of the things I'd worked through. And I quote "I've only been telling you that for the past nine years."

I refrained from reminding him that the household projects he's suddenly developed a burning interest in? Yeah those, I've been gently and not so gently suggesting for the past nine years.  See no tit for tat even though it feels like I'm severing my tongue.

Then this popped up yesterday and the quote says it more eloquently than I have. This is the reason I run and sort of the reason I write:

"As I get older I see that running has changed for me. What used to be about burning calories is now more about burning up what is false. Lies I used to tell myself about who I was and what I could do, friendships that cannot withstand hills or miles, the approval I no longer need to seek, and solidarity that cannot bear silence. I run to burn up what I don't need and ignite what I do."

-Kristin Armstrong