Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's that time again!

Ok so I've now switched my focus to Thanksgiving and have planned my menu . Now I have to get to the store.

Yesterday I took the little one to the doctor because a strange bump had appeared on her hand. Turns out she has a ganglion cyst. We're to leave it alone it may go away on it's own. If it doesn't and it keeps getting worse then we'll have it taken care of.

As to my writing. It hasn't been happening. At least not as much. It seems every time I sit down to write something happens. As I write this the dog is circling me . The little one is demanded my attention and husband is singing at the top of his lungs as he gets ready for work. Love them but they are loud.

See Ya!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some disjointed thougths.

It's been an interesting week in publishing. Angela James has signed on with Harlequin's digital publishing arm, Carina Press. Harlequin has a self publishing branch which has lead to them losing their eligible publisher status with RWA. I wonder just how many phone calls and emails they got from their authors over that.

Anywho it just occurred to me that my children won't ever be able to rebel. You're laughing now. But you see I like all types of music so they are not going to be able to annoy me with it. And I keep current as well. Plus I'm the type to pick apart music and movies in an effort to understand what message is trying to be conveyed.

As for clothing, as long as you're decently covered and it's appropriate to the situation you can leave the house. So if one wants to go goth to a wedding it better be goth wedding appropriate.

So you see I think they are going to be pretty confused come the angst ridden teenager years.

PS as to the RWA vs Harlequin thing I'm just sitting back and watching.

Monday, November 16, 2009


I've been sick. I feel crappy and It's Monday. There are things going on right now that have me shaking my head and praying. Nothing to do with me just other people. It's been an interesting weekend.
This week I will get my behind in gear and there will be no slacking. That of course depends on this throat of mine. Anyway here's the song I used to hype myself up for today. Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Back to the grindstone.

I'm back from South Carolina and I'm seriously pouting. Well at least as much as my sore throat will allow me.

The retreat put on by the Lowcountry Romance writers was wonderful. I got to meet other author's, aspiring and already published.

Author Ana DeStefano and Agent Michelle Grajkowski did an informative and thought provoking workshop on "Turning your Proposal into and I do!"

Author Cynthia Cooke did her workshop on "Writing Rules for rebels: We don't need no stinking charts!" (Can you tell she's sort of a panster).

Author Debra Webb gave us another even more intimate look into the publishing world, with her workshop "Breathing room".

All this, walks on the beach, great rooms, great food and time to write made for a lovely weekend.

Okay so now here's what I took away from these workshops:

1) Even though we like to think of ourselves as creative, we still need to remember that it's still a buisness.

2) I already knew this but I think it still needs to be said. Publishing means deadlines, deadlines mean that you have to write. Which means you have to make writing a habit. It's a job. This circles back to writing being a buisness.

3) Just because you get a contract it doesn't mean that money will always be rolling in. Make wise choices and uncle sam will knock on your door if you don't pay him. ( Just in case you didn't know)

4) Be prepared. Ms. DeStefano made this clear . Be prepared. Know what you want out of a relationship with an agent. Do you need more than an email? Do you prefer phone calls? Would you like more frequent contact? Would you like them to help build your career or are you just looking for someone to negotiate your contracts.

5) Research the agents you are querying. (Again knew this but figured someone out there would need to know)

6) Go to workshops, attend conferences. It's your job to know what's going on in the industry. You don't have to know it all but you don't want to be blindsided.

7) Excercise your voice. That is, write. Every book is a chance to learn something new and a chance to excercise your writing voice.

8) Sometimes a book has to be shelved. You can always look at it another time and fix or rewrite it. But move on to something new.

9) Professionalism: Watch what you say, how you say it and how you behave. As a matter of fact sometimes it's best to say nothing at all. If you're a Newbie at this buisness then you don't have the clout that some other NY Times bestselling authors have. (There is this thing called the internet that somehow manges to save everything)

10) Persistence is key.

11) Finish the book. revising can wait until it's all on the page. Don't just focus on the first 30 pages. you might just edit your voice out.

12) Don't get bogged down with reference books or someone else method. Do what feels right.

13) Sometimes the process changes from book to book that's okay too.

I can't think of anything else right now but I'll add to this post if I remember. Will put pics up when I finally get them off my camera. Bye.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


I'm on the isle of Palm, South Carolina this weekend.

I'm on a retreat with a bunch of writers in this huge house with the beach outside the front door. I'm absolutely ecstatic.

So waving from the beach on the the Isle of Palm. Have a happy Saturday!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Fear is an insidious thing. It pokes around until it finds a place to hide, just when you think you've gotten a handle on it, it rears it's ugly head.

This happens every year with me. I freak out when it comes to having my mammogram. I conquer it, and every year I go get one. But just when I think that everything's alright. Fear jumps out and paralyzes me.

You're thinking that's just plain crazy. Well it is and it isn't. My hubby found me crying and pacing the bathroom and said: "That's it either you call or I call but you're going."

See the hubby knows that I've been putting it off and he finally gave me the kick that I needed. Afterwards he held me because he knew that's what I needed too.

Sometimes what you need to overcome fear is a good swift kick in the butt.