Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Into the Wild part 2- Camping in the Rain.

Soooo we went camping again. The group of us were all equally ready for the weekend and being away from our responsibilities. So we packed up or respective cars and headed out to the campsite. Out into the wilderness where we wouldn't have access to anything other than emergency calling, a pavilion and a "chemical" toilet. Trust me when I say that there weren't enough chemicals. That, it turned out would be the least of my problems. (No this isn't a bitch about camping post)
Anywho we knew it was supposed to rain, but the day turned out to be overcast and cool (lovely for Florida). We all arrived and set up our tents, at least three of us did.

Two of the guys set up hammocks with tarps. One was complicated and took over an hour to set up, the other went up in a half an hour. Both worked equally well. Meanwhile we unpacked our respective cars and set up camp.

My friends brought their air mattresses, I mocked them much to my dismay later on. Much later on. After hot dogs for lunch and steak and vegetables for dinner around a roaring fire.

We laughed. We talked. We convinced ourselves that the people who were supposed to be in the camp site next to us had chickened out. That we were the brave ones, the ones who had triumphed over the witch called weather. So confident were we, we didn't put a tarp over the fire wood, nor the lid on the plastic container that held our card games. Though we did manage to put the garbage in the car and store the coolers under the benches of the picnic table.

All was well until three in the morning. When something woke me. It was the sound of a torrential down pour. Which was fine because we were warm and cozy in our tent. That was until, I awoke knowing something was wrong. Wrapped warm and snug in my husbands sleeping bag on our egg crate bed. I put my hand out and realized that we had water in the tent. Yep by the end of the night the hubby and I were huddled on a four foot section of egg crate, the quilt and the sleeping bag soaked by the very water that turned the bottom of our bed into a water bed. Turns out those air mattresses kept you out of the water.

Even if you float a little. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Guest Blog- Jax Cassidy- WILD PERCEPTIONS

Today please help me welcome the talented Jax Cassidy to the blog.  

I love spending time with other writer friends because it’s so easy to talk to them. Well, simply because my non-writer friends don’t necessarily understand the mind of a writer. There’s also a comfort level knowing they don’t judge you when you have a conversation with your characters in public.

Recently, I’ve stepped outside my circle and have made friends with non-writers. It’s always interesting to me when they ask about my profession. I love their awed expression after I tell them I’m a romance writer. I really don’t know what goes on inside their head but the reactions have always been positive…so there’s a bit of relief. In fact, most of the time, they’re impressed that I’ve finished a book and it’s available for the world to purchase. I have to say it does give me a sense of accomplishment because they’re genuinely supportive that I’m the creative one in the group.

I love the diversity of my friends and enjoy answering questions about writing and the industry. It makes me happy that I’m able to share my knowledge about the myriad of genres and everything that I’ve learned first-hand about publishing.

However, I can’t help but feel that every so often there are a handful of folks who have wild perceptions about me being an erotic author. I can see it in their eyes the questions whizzing around in their brains. Is my sex life as kinky? Do I practice what I write? Am I as promiscuous as my characters? Does writing erotic romance equate to being ‘easy’?

Heck, in the beginning I felt oddly uncomfortable. Yet, the more I experienced that kind of reaction, the more I was able to handle the situation. You either own it or you retreat to your comfort zone, your safe circle. Maybe I’ve been exposed to this type of curiosity for way too long so I’m not going to run from it. In fact, writing sensual romance has made me grow as a person. I’m not embarrassed about embracing my femininity nor should I repress my desires and needs. There’s nothing wrong or embarrassing if I had an active sex life. Whether it’s kinky or not, that’s my prerogative as long as I’m responsible about it and I’m not hurting anyone else. Of course, real life isn’t always as exciting as the romances we read. That’s why it’s called fiction.

I realize I can’t change people’s perception of me but I’m not going to sit idly by while they judge me without knowing the true me. That’s when I’m grateful for the opportunities to educate people about romance, the different genres, and all the ups and downs of publishing. The more inquisitive they are, the more I’m able to give them insight into my world. It’s truly a great conversation piece and I’m proud of writing about love and romance. I’m sure that in the next ten to twenty years I’ll still love what I do. I’d never be ashamed of writing books that will help people escape for a little while, address subject matters that needs to be discussed, or bring back the intimacy in their lives.

The idea that I’m able to share my love of writing, to share my stories to people who have never discovered romance until they’ve met me is an awesome feeling. If I can get others to branch out and give romance fiction a try, I’m certain I’ve just influenced a whole new group of readership that may someday introduce my world to theirs.


Jax Cassidy followed her dreams to Paris, then Hollywood to pursue a film career but managed to fall in love with penning sexy romances and happy endings. She writes contemporary, paranormal, & historical romances and is Co-Founder of Romance Divas, an award winning writer’s website and discussion forum. Jax is also known as one-half of the retired writing team of Cassidy Kent. She is represented by Roberta Brown of the Brown Literary Agency.


FLOURISH will be available October 2013 through Raven Books. More information about the book is available at

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

TIWMGK- Why Daddy and I insist you play board games.

Honestly I was never big on board games growing up. Mommy’s mind wanders. I’m always creating a story in my head; a word you say, an image I see, anything really can start me off and I lose track of a game. Which means mommy tends to lose a lot. That is, if she doesn’t pay attention.
Now you know from playing that mommy is competitive maybe not as competitive as daddy, but I’ve been known to threaten to salt the earth a time or two, when one of my villages is threatened in Settlers of Katan.
You guys have developed a love for board games; because of daddy. I freely admit it. You have since you were really young have seen him and his friends play some version of a game every Saturday, for years. Now as you’ve gotten older you’ve begun to experience the camaraderie of game play.
You’re just beginning to learn to negotiate and figure out strategy. Something I wish I’d paid attention to earlier.  As I watch you laugh, wheedle and sometimes threaten the other players at the table, I have to admit I feel a sense of pride. ( Not because of the threatening. ) But, because of your ability to discern what works and what doesn't.

I knew  playing games with other's prepared you to function in the real world. Teaching preschool for three years cemented that knowledge, but honestly it’s different when it’s your kids. Seeing your personalities blossom under the one on one attention you get from daddy is reason enough to call you out of your respective rooms and demand that you turn off the TV or whatever electronic device you’re on at the time.
Like mandatory reading time which I’m happy not to have to enforce too often ( Did I mention that I love that you turn off your DS’ or the TV immediately without arguing?) Sunday afternoons or even Friday nights when we get to sit down and roll the dice or to play cards  with you is the best time.
It’s just us as a family.  Actually spending time together doing something fun. While inadvertently teaching each other how the world works.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

My introduction to Lovecraft.

I'm over at Smartgirls talking about themes and H.P.Lovecraft:

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Thought for the week.

A recent incident reminded me of this:

"You teach others how to treat you."
Funny how one small incident can cause you to rethink how you interact with other people.