Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Next big Thing

OK so my friend and fellow author Jax Cassidy tagged me in the Next Best Thing blog hop. Totally unexpected as you can see, so what I'll be doing is answering a few questions about the book I'm working on.

What is the working title of your book?

Full circle.

Where did the idea come from for the book?

 I have thing for werewolves as heroes/ heroines add to that the trope of being an outsider and there you have an idea that nags me in my sleep and characters that demand their story be told.

What genre does your book fall under?


 Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

You know I don't  think in terms of actors. I know what my characters look like in my head and I know that my readers will eventually form their opinion of what the characters should look like. but Ria my Heroine looks a bit like Zoe Saldana with curly hair.

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

 In a pack of werewolves, a half human isn’t exactly at the top of the food chain, but she's exactly what the pack and it's alpha needs to survive.

 Will your book be self-published or published by an agency?

This series will be self-published.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

I'm going to say three months, but really the process of editing takes a lot longer.

 What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

I'd love to say that it compares to some of my favorites, but honestly my heroine is a little softer than the heroines I read about.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

It deals with change and self discovery and how a large  family (the pack) comes together while under attack.

So I’m supposed to tag other authors to blog next week (1/02/13) hopefully you'll discover someone new:

Christopher Beats one of the guys that grace my table on occasion. Good friend, historian,  devoted papa and awesome writer of steam punk noir.

Katie Reus another of my  girlfriends and gifted writer of Romantic Suspense and Paranormal Romance.

KC Burn another of my friends and chapter mate and yet another gifted writer.

and last but not least
Charlee Aldeen another chapter mate, author and owner of the Smart Girls Love Sci-Fi blog.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Alone at Disney.

I've never spent any time alone at Disney or any one of the other parks. Lets face it if you're going to the Parks you're going with someone else.   The day job, gave me that opportunity this weekend.  I get to show international students around Central Florida; and where do international students like to go? You got it. Any theme park.

This weeks selection Disney's Hollywood Studios. Why because it is the most adult of the parks and the Osbourne family lights of course. Now I have to say that a co-worker was there for part of the day with me, but after she left and since the students had dispersed. I. Was. Alone.

Yep so what's girl to do. I had hours to kill and a hurt back. That ruled out The Tower of Terror and the Rocking Roller Coaster. So I made my way back to Toy Story. Hey it's fun! 3D and I get to shoot stuff. The wait was an hour long, but since I was alone and had hours to kill, that wasn't a problem to me.

Waiting in line by yourself if you don't have an active imagination or aren't used to using the powers of observation must be torturous. I listened to two guys behind me complain about the wait,while also plotting ways to show a former girlfriend how she'd lost out.

As far as I could tell it involved, making millions, wearing a Hugo Boss suit and accidentally meeting her when she had a baby. It was important to the dumped one (The shorter of the two) that he meet her when she was pushing the stroller, while wearing the Hugo Boss suit. When this event occurred, he would smile, compliment her on her baby and suggest that they meet up sometime. At which point if she hadn't already, she would realize the mistake she'd made.

I was hard pressed not to snicker. I controlled myself, because what's the fun in having to wait inline if you can't listen in on other peoples conversations. Now mind you these guys were not unattractive just obnoxious, because as soon as this particular conversation ended they noticed that, I was by myself.

Which meant that the taller one bumped into me at least twice in an attempt to see my face and the shorter one decided that positioning himself in my line of sight whenever it was possible was a good idea. Needeless to say I kept my eyes unfocused.

Which led to the other interesting thing that happened in line. The cast members were momentarily startled when I announced that I was a party of one. There was a quick  blink, a nod of the head and then it was business as usual.

Then there was the fact that I was childless. It gave me a chance to observe the parents in the crowd. Parents who looked tired but determined to get the most out of every penny they spent in the effort to get here. Parents with tired screaming children in tow. Long suffering parents with well behaved children in the lead. Parents waiting while the other parent grabbed a frozen margarita or some other alcoholic beverage at the first sign of the bar opening late in the day. ( not judging)

I saw what I looked like at any given point in the day. Then the lights came on and I missed my family, because there is one thing being alone in the park doesn't give you, that moment when you're all together looking up at a magnificent display and you feel closer than you have all day.

My students got that, and for that I'm happy.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Guest post- Qwillia Rain- Learning Styles for Characters

It's time for another guest post to close out 2012. Let me introduce you to my friend Qwillia Rain

I met Qwillia one long weekend on the Isle of Palm, South Carolina. I met up with her again over the years at Moonlight and Magnolias.  She's a free spirit and the author of the Diablo Blanco series. A former teacher Qwillia has decided to give us a lesson today in learning styles.

Learning Styles for Characters
Even characters have to learn, so what better way to help them grow as “people” than to know how they process information and how it effects their perception of other people or situations.

I originally discovered learning styles when I attended my first RWA National Conference in Denver in 2002. I used the information in my teaching and it only made sense to apply it to my writing. So, I’ll try to make it painless to understand.

Learning is done using three elements of the mind: conscious, subconscious, and unconscious. When you take information in in order to store it to your memory, it requires the use of the subconscious and unconscious as well as the conscious. The way it usually works is you take the details in through your conscious, use your subconscious to create an image, action, or words that allows your unconscious to make sense of the information and store it away to be used later.

Now that you understand the parts, here comes the next bit. There are three methods of input: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Each of your inputs apply to one of the parts, so you can be: 
  • Kinesthetically Conscious, Visually Subconscious, and Auditory Unconscious (KVA); 

  • Kinesthetically Conscious, Auditory Subconscious, and Visually Unconscious (KAV); 

  • Visually Conscious, Kinesthetically Subconscious, and Auditory Unconscious (VKA);

  •  Visually Conscious, Auditory Subconscious, and Kinesthetically Unconscious (VAK); 

  • Auditory Conscious, Kinesthetically Subconscious, and Visual Unconscious (AKV); 

  • Auditory Conscious, Visual Subconscious, and Kinesthetic Unconscious (AVK)
…and what does this mean?

A KVA learner takes in information through emotions or movement (Kinesthetic), processes it by drawing or creating a picture (Visual), and stores the data with words or sound (Auditory). Example: KVA students in a dance class, will stay completely still so they can see how the teacher demonstrates the movements and listens to the step by step instructions until they can connect the words and images before they actually move.

A VKA learner takes in information through watching (Visual), processes by movement or emotions (Kinesthetic), and stores the data with words or sound (Auditory). Example: VKA students in a dance class will watch the teacher at the same time they move through the steps slowly and talk to themselves, repeating the instructions quietly to themselves.

An AKV learner takes in information through words (Auditory), processes by movement or emotions (Kinesthetic), and stores the data by creating a picture or drawing (Visual). Example: AKV learners in a dance class will listen to the instructions (Auditory), move through the steps slowly, repeating the more complicated steps (Kinesthetic), and they will create a visual record to refer back to (Visual).

You can deduce the other three learning styles from these three.

When you look at these learning styles for your characters it means that depending on their input and parts connection, how they react to a situation is going to be different than another person who may have a different learning style. And that is a good thing, it means “conflict”.

How do different learning styles equal conflict? Well, let’s say we have a hero who is a KVA, a heroine who is VKA, and a villain who is AVK. Here’s where the conflict comes in. The hero processes information using pictures and words; he formulates plans using those pictures and his gut/emotion. The villain plans using visuals, but he rarely deals with his emotions and only when his own wants are being thwarted. He’ll often be charismatic and a smooth-talker, because words are his biggest tool. The heroine knows things instinctively, her gut tells her when things are good or bad, and she takes everything in visually, but she processes information using her emotions/feelings and words.

How does this create conflict?

Well, the hero (unless he’s hyper kinesthetic/empathic) will tend to limit his emotional responses while dealing with a known situation. He’s going to go into logic mode (VA) and focus on the plan. The heroine, on the other hand is going to be firmly in kinesthetic mode, especially if there are a lot of emotions flying around. The villain will go into charmer mode, his smooth-talking ways and ability to visualize his success will allow him to believe any lies he has to tell. The irony will be that the heroine will probably pick up on the villain’s lies before the hero does, because her subconscious kinesthetic will ping like crazy while the hero will be focused on the “image” of what the bad guy would be doing.

In a less stressful situation, in simple conversation there’s going to be more conflict, because the language each of them are going to use will not match. Kinesthetic Conscious people use “feeling” words when they talk. They use words that indicate movement, feelings, emotions, etc. Visual Conscious people use words that correspond to sight, images, pictures. Auditory Conscious people use lots of words; long explanations that run in circles without really making a point or answering a question (think politicians). This is going to put the characters at odds with one another, because the feeling/movement words from the hero, isn’t going to make sense to the heroine because there are no visuals to clue her into what he’s saying. While the villain will overload the hero and heroine with too many words that have no meaning, empty information and phrases that they’ll have to dig through to find what he really meant.

Knowing the conscious input of the characters will also give you a hint about the major setback/black moment of the story. The input of the conscious will give you the element that needs to be overloaded in order to push the character into fight or flight mode. A kinesthetic conscious hero will end up freezing, even momentarily, when his emotions overwhelm his logic (think the heroine tied to a chair with a bomb strapped to her chest and the hero freaking out emotionally) he won’t cry or yell or run around flailing his arms. He’s going to freeze and his mind is going to spin through one possible plan after another, his logic is going to try to work, but his emotions will be zinging like a pinball bouncing off the extra points bumpers, so logic will not activate.

Too much visual stimuli will freak out the visual conscious person. If you have too many images, pictures, too much movement or activity zipping around the heroine, it’ll be like a caffeine overload, she won’t know where to look or what to concentrate on.

For the villain, too many words from other people and the inability to get a word in edgewise is the most likely the best way to throw the bad guy off.

Knowing the learning styles of your characters, or establishing the learning styles of your characters, can help you in creating realistic and compelling conflicts between characters. It can give you a number of tools to ratchet up the tension between the characters and make the story into a roller coaster ride of miscommunication and frustration.

Thank you Qwillia for an informative post. I hope you'll think about teaching this as a workshop someday. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The fashion stylings of PG and AZ.

The guys decided last week was the week of argyle.

See the sweater as exhibit b.

Why yes PG has a pair to match almost every outfit and yes those are driving loafers.
And then AZ went old school

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving and the ducks.

Totally random topic, right?

I tried sending this Photo out with a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone apparently it never  went out.

Our Thanksgiving was a small laid back affair with a large bird, that still has us days later trying to get rid of turkey. Please let this be the last of it.... My husband will soon be out hunting boar and if all goes well he comes back in one piece, with boar to be frozen. Have I mentioned my freezer is small?

So what do ducks have to do with Thanksgiving? Well to be honest it nothing really except on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. The husband wandered down to the parents lake and discovered a number of ducks in the lake a few of which were extremely tame.
So tame in fact that they followed him around at the dock. The white one acted like a dog almost. Panting and wagging its tail frantically. It was really amusing and semi disturbing to watch. (I've never met a tame duck, until Sunday). In fact it had no problem getting upclose and personal with me.

See its crest? I was squatting down to take it's picture, when it wandered up to be petted.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
I'm thankful for all my friends, and family.
Hope you have a great day tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Old becomes new.

You never know what you'll find when you actually elect to leave your house. Last Saturday the sister-in-law was down from Virginia for a few days.One of the things the mother and sister in law like to do is garage and estate sale. I honestly wasn't going to get my lazy behind off of the couch except she was only here for three days and honestly I have really good sister in law.

So off we went to a community garage sale. I truly expected not to find anything to bring home and I didn't but I do have pictures of old radios, gramophones and record players. You know those things that played vinyl. Yeah that stuff, the stuff that came before the 8-track, the cassette and the CD player.

My kids have absolutely know idea what these are and no appreciation for vinyl. I'm just waiting for the teenager to announce that she's found the coolest things and it will be an old LP. At least I hope. It'll be something new and unheard of to her. While to me it is familiar and nostalgic.

There out on someone's driveway was a plethora of machines made to function under battery power. A find in the midst of a normal garage sale. unexpected in the midst of the normal garage sale fare. This man was taking something others would have called obsolete and making it useful again for pleasure as well as profit.

The old became new again.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Waiting in Line ( the only reference to voting you'll see from me)

View of Our line when we first got to the polling station.
Yesterday as I stood in line waiting ultimately up to two hours to cast my vote, my mind started comparing that line to life. Yes I know this is what happens when you give me too much time to think. I come up with all sorts of stuff if left to my own devices, but I digress.

  Life is like a long  line. As a matter of fact life is a bunch of lines. You show up and that first line is fairly simple. You have to grow up so you join the line for school and then the lines begin to diverge. You have to make a decision about college or work and you walk up and join one of those and the diverge once more.

At the half way point
The point is you have to choose a line once you chosen to stand in line. What do you then?

It was interesting to listen to people, some off whom immediately confirmed they were indeed standing in the correct line. Otheres didn't interact with others in the line at all. Some of those were choosing either to interact with the outside world via technology or  read. Others, spoke and exchanged knowledge with the people in line with them, some simply observed, while others refused to interact at all.

The light at the end of the tunnel
Inevitably thoughts and conversations around me always turned to the next step  or I should say the next line. What were you going to do next. The weather was turning cool so many were going to pick up coffeee. Others were going to watch the news obessesively and many like myself were going to work and undoubtedly had a list of items waiting to be accomplished.

In life each line can be a place of learning, of frustration, of anger, of peace. You know like those like those lines at disney. Do you find a way to distract yourself, are you completely miserable?
Actually life is kind of like those disney lines if you think about it.

Do you ever just take a look at what you want and what you're willing to do and use the fast pass to maximize your time? I know I do at the Parks and in life's line.
I wrote out a business plan while I was waiting to vote on my phone, now I'm back in life's line working my way towards what I want.

What about you?

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ten Things you didn't know about me, and Happy Halloween!

I think I've done a post like this before, but since I'm really bad about tagging it would take too long to find it. (Thus begins my quest to tag ever post I've written)

Ten things you didn't know about me:
1) I was a radio DJ ( it was during college at my family's station and I was awesome)

2) I half believe in ghosts and spirits. (Too many Jumbie stories from Gran Gran when I was younger)

3) At one point I almost had my Ham Radio license. (Then I left for college and I forgot all about it)

4) I had exactly one goat and one sheep. ( The goat died of a disease and the sheep had to go back to my great aunt Eddie's because  the dogs wouldn't leave it alone.)

5) I watched my grandmother kill a chicken for dinner.

6)I routinely stole my daddy's pajero (think Toyota Montero compltete with brush guard and roll guard)when I was 15 ( I only drove it up and down the neigbourhood, he found out about that when I was 21)

7)I have never been scuba diving. ( Even though I lived on an island and could have gotten certified at any time. I suspect this had something to do with my mother not being able to swim)

8)I was a Barbie officianado. (Yes I was momentarily a girly girl)

9) I played tennis everyday for years and then stopped in college. ( Miss it like you wouldn't believe.)

10) Always wished I had insisted on dance classes. ( I would have been an excellent dancer, maybe)


Something I think we all need to hear!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Music Monday! MGK-Invincible

I run to this song, it usually comes on when I need that extra push. I had a conversation tonight with a friend and discovered that I needed to hear it tonight and probably on Monday morning. Then it struck me you might need to hear that you're invincible too!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Betwixt and Between.

I sit in a place that is the middle
Betwixt and Between,
 if you will.
I inhabit a space,
that makes it difficult to settle.
Easy to bounce,
from one thought to another.
Betwixt and Between,
If you will.
 Thoughts and Images,
Words and sounds,
Emotion and movement,
A cohesive tale.
The only movement from me,
is the movement of my fingers on the keyboard.
Sound of the rythmic tapping of the keys
the occaisional murmur of
Betwixt and Between.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What's happenning now.

The hubby has made the decision after having a second opinion not to have the surgery. ( I realized that in my silence I hadn't told anyone his decision. I just want another MRI in a few months so that we can make sure the nerve hasn't  decided to fuse to the bone or the disc or anywhere else it shouldn't be.)

I went to M&M and as we say refilled my well. I got a few request for partials and one for a full, so I'm busy looking everything over. I networked and simply talked to other like minded women. I danced my ass off.


I ran a five miler for the first time. I ran the entire way even though the fourth mile kicked my ass. My mantra for the first three had been you can do this. My mantra for the last two was literally don't puss out. (I'm a delicate flower can't you tell)

I managed to run it in and hour and five minutes. Which if you knew me meant I was over my expected time by five minutes. Like that actually matters. What matters is, a few things that I've been working on for myself emotionally and mentally came together on that run somewhere along mile 3.  These are intensely personal and private and they needed to be worked out.

My hubby couldn't refrain from the I told you so when I came home and told him some of the things I'd worked through. And I quote "I've only been telling you that for the past nine years."

I refrained from reminding him that the household projects he's suddenly developed a burning interest in? Yeah those, I've been gently and not so gently suggesting for the past nine years.  See no tit for tat even though it feels like I'm severing my tongue.

Then this popped up yesterday and the quote says it more eloquently than I have. This is the reason I run and sort of the reason I write:

"As I get older I see that running has changed for me. What used to be about burning calories is now more about burning up what is false. Lies I used to tell myself about who I was and what I could do, friendships that cannot withstand hills or miles, the approval I no longer need to seek, and solidarity that cannot bear silence. I run to burn up what I don't need and ignite what I do."

-Kristin Armstrong

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This year,this month, this day.

In the past year the hubby has hurt his back exactly three times. Each time has been a lesson in patience and perseverance for both of us. Sciatica and herniated disc do not a happy man make.

In the past month it happened again for the third time and now we're talking surgery.

Today  we take it one day at a time and looking for the good in things, today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

"Ahoy me mateys. You best be having a good day.!"

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


After reading Maria Geraci's "A Girl like you."

 and watching Big Bang Theory ( I know, two things you wouldn't expect to be together right?) A subject that's been circling my brain and much discussed with the hubby of late became a theme.

In "A Girl Like You." The Heroine finds out that another character thinks she's the ugly friend (henious description of a person you supposedly know and love) in her trio of friends. It's interesting to watch the interactions between Emma and her friends, coworkers and love interest.

It got me to thinking about my friends and how far apart geographically we are.

I have really good friends here in Orlando. I'm talking about my friends from high school. The few out of the many that have stood the test of time. The disagreements, the years of silence, the years of hardship, those of loneliness and happiness.

The point here is that I have a few really trusted friends some old, some new. Some have no idea that they are even considered my dearest friends. Why you ask? Because I've lost people that I thought were my dearest, closest friends in the past few years. So as in writing I've discovered I fear rejection in life just as much.

So where does The Big Bang Theory come in?

I'm not as Sheldon put it one episode "the apathetic tertiary friend." The person you turn to when your primary and secondary friends aren't available for comfort.
I'm not the ugly friend (henious description of a person you supposedly know and love)either, but I am kind of the background friend. The friend you know you can call on if you need me but I'm not going to be front and center. In fact I sit back and watch and listen. I make sure you're ok but I'm not going to be the girl insisting you spend time with me every weekend.

And part of the reason I don't insist, is the fact that I have a family and I'm a creature of habit. The other part of that, I don't want to be hurt. So I keep my distance and I retreat at the first sign on any perceived rejection. I'll only make a move/ offer if I'm relatively sure that I won't be rejected.

So much so that I'm not even sure the geeks that invade my house on a Saturday know that  they are some of my favorite people. Even though I cook for them when I won't cook for anybody else.

I guess what I'm doing is working out my issues in public,( yeah the internet!) something I'm not overly fond of doing.but you get the idea. Hope you have a great day and thanks for reading this blog.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Favorite Heroines.

Sprinkled throughout this post are the book covers for the heroines I love.

Elena Deveraux

A friend and I have a long running conversation. Heroines. We're both of the opinion that heroine's these days come in all sorts. But, I've noticed that a lot o them are hard. Now I'm not saying that I don't love kick ass heroines. I do.

Gin Blanco

What I don't like is when I can't discern any amount of softness in a female character. Yes I want my heroine to be able to take on the world that doesn't mean she has to be such a hard ass that we lose track of her femininity.

Mina Wentworth

To be fair I like my Hero's to read like real men too. I don't like the implausible. Being super human just isn't possible unless I'm reading Science fiction, fantasy or graphic novels.

Angie Powell

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want to see the human being beneath the facade. Just as in life I like to see the cracks and know that the people/characters are rising above their limitations to be who they are. Even in my paranormal stories, having fur and claws  just bring on different issues or magnify them.

Sirantha Jax     
Each one of these heroines has depth. Each is vulnerable. All are able to kick ass, without us forgetting she's a woman.

Mercedes Thompson

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Naked Princes Hurray! Or just another cautionary tale.

Honestly as I get older the more I believe we should just let people alone. Prince Harry has been caught naked on camera in vegas. I know shocking!

I think this says more about the quality of his friends than anything else. Dude, be careful who you hangout with. They might take inappropriate pictures of you.

Betrayal is a common theme these days and has been throughout time. The likelyhood only increases with the visibilty of the individual and or the power they yield. This is just a heads up to those of us who might need a warning.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fantasies (warning not my usual g rated post)

I'd originally planned this blog as Male fantasies versus Female fantasies.

I hadn't event thought about this topic until the other day when I realized some of my favorite authors had moved into the erotic genre and not only were the writing one on one sex they were writing menage a trois (threesomes) and other seemingly forbidden fantasies.

So  after hearing derogatory phrases like "mommy porn" and  "Smut books," The list goes on. It got me to thinking about the differences between men and women and their fantasies and how they indulge them. Then I realized how unfair it is to pidgeon hole men and women,  and so the topic then became Fantasies.

Yes men and women can differ on what they want, but surprisingly most of their fantasies line up.  This list is in no way scientific and is complied from many articles and lists found in many places, as well as I interviewed a ton of my friends.

You can disagree or a agree but this is what I've discovered. In no particular order:

  • Sex with the same gender (Female/Male)
  • Bondage/Domination (Female/Male)
  • Anal Sex( Female/Male)
    • Includes pegging
  • Group sex (Female/Male)
    • Threesomes and the like
  • Exhibitionism (Female/Male)
  • Voyeurism  (Female/Male)
  • Masturbation for/of partner (Female/Male)
  • Oral sex (Female/Male)
Men and women  are often taught to feel shame about their fantasies but I find that it's more acceptable for guys to look at porn, or vocalize their fantasies. 

For women there is still the feeling for a lot of women that sex is dirty or that vocalizing their fantasies is unacceptable. Or even that looking porn is something to be ashamed of.Or that reading an erotic novel is somehow shameful.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, this. We have common ground if you're willing to look for it and not at the differences. Hope this helps anyone out there who might need a little help vocalizing their needs and or wants with their partner.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The need for sleep!


Do you feel like this? I know I do.

I'm exhausted tonight. So exhausted that I contemplated putting off writing this post. Then I remembered a video I recently watched on the need for sleep. In essence our culture has this idea, the more hours you put in the more productive you are. I'm not sure that it's true.

I believe that we need rest. That while we can accomplish much if we push ourselves eventually we need to rest and recuperate. I feel the need to rest and recuperate right now. Which brings me to the video.

Occasionally I listen to TED Talks online and I came across Arianna Huffington's talk: How to Succeed? Get more sleep. I think she makes a good point, don't you?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The many faces of Ron Perlman

I was lying on my couch this past Saturday and low and behold there was the an ad for the Son's Of Anarchy. One of my favorite actors besides Charlie Hunnam and of course the awesome Katie Segal is Ron Perlman.

If you don't watch Son's of Anarchy you definitely know him from Hellboy.

But what cemented this post for me was Sunday morning. I switched on the TV and there he was in Blade 2. So it got me thinking just how many movies was this guy in. Just take a look at his resume over at IMDb  .  The list is too long to go into. Voice work for Fallout, Teen Titans etc. I was impressed and on top of that, imagine my surprise when I found out that he played Vincent opposite Linda Hamilton in "Beauty and The beast."  
 I remember watching this series and being utterly fascinated as a kid. The beast who lives below the streets with other misfits and doesn't transform into a human. Nope this is who he is.

With Perlman I forget he's an actor and I focus on the character so much so it takes me seeing the film a couple of times to realize it's him.

So my question to you is this: Is there an actor that makes you forget that he/she is playing a character, to the point where you're surprised later to find out you were watching that actor all along?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The long and short of it.

This week has  been pretty interesting. On Saturday with a few friends who gave a writing workshop. It was nice to get out of the house and hang with my writing tribe for a while. We met up with a lovely group of ladies. Strangely enough I didn't breakout my camera so I have no photos.

I opted to flat iron my hair this weekend, since the whole process usually takes me about an hour, I usually keep my hair curly and in a ponytail but I was curious to see just how long my hair was. Turns out it's pretty long.

See what happens when I procrastinate? Anywho, I'd hoped to have good news for you guys  but alas I have a rejection letter instead.

Funny things rejection letters, early on they have the ability to devastate you. As you see more and more of them they become the fuel you use to get better, and do better. I'm not saying I wasn't disappointed or that I didn't take a night to sulk. I'm saying, it motivated me to do better.

So enough about my bad news how about good news for someone else maybe several someones. (Friend Pimpage)

 Katie Reus recently released  "Danger Next Door", Jeffe Kennedy has a new release "Rogue's Pawn", and KC Burn recently released "Alien 'n'Outlaw (just so you aren't surprised, KC writes Male/Male)

I"m continuing to edit my Sci-Fi Romance, I'm outlining a new contemporary and working on a workshop for next year. I know I'm going to be busy right?

I'm also planning on running a couple more 5k's.
So what are you up to?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Is life a Journey or Adventure?

Is life a Journey or an Adventure?

I left home at 17 and moved to Florida

I grew up

Along the way I
Lost my mother,

Gained my family,

 Discovered my love of all things creative

Grew to love the outdoors that had nothing to do with the sea.

So what do you think?
Is it a Journey or an Adventure?
Or maybe a little bit of both?