Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Waiting in Line ( the only reference to voting you'll see from me)

View of Our line when we first got to the polling station.
Yesterday as I stood in line waiting ultimately up to two hours to cast my vote, my mind started comparing that line to life. Yes I know this is what happens when you give me too much time to think. I come up with all sorts of stuff if left to my own devices, but I digress.

  Life is like a long  line. As a matter of fact life is a bunch of lines. You show up and that first line is fairly simple. You have to grow up so you join the line for school and then the lines begin to diverge. You have to make a decision about college or work and you walk up and join one of those and the diverge once more.

At the half way point
The point is you have to choose a line once you chosen to stand in line. What do you then?

It was interesting to listen to people, some off whom immediately confirmed they were indeed standing in the correct line. Otheres didn't interact with others in the line at all. Some of those were choosing either to interact with the outside world via technology or  read. Others, spoke and exchanged knowledge with the people in line with them, some simply observed, while others refused to interact at all.

The light at the end of the tunnel
Inevitably thoughts and conversations around me always turned to the next step  or I should say the next line. What were you going to do next. The weather was turning cool so many were going to pick up coffeee. Others were going to watch the news obessesively and many like myself were going to work and undoubtedly had a list of items waiting to be accomplished.

In life each line can be a place of learning, of frustration, of anger, of peace. You know like those like those lines at disney. Do you find a way to distract yourself, are you completely miserable?
Actually life is kind of like those disney lines if you think about it.

Do you ever just take a look at what you want and what you're willing to do and use the fast pass to maximize your time? I know I do at the Parks and in life's line.
I wrote out a business plan while I was waiting to vote on my phone, now I'm back in life's line working my way towards what I want.

What about you?

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