Wednesday, April 10, 2013

TIWMGK- Why Daddy and I insist you play board games.

Honestly I was never big on board games growing up. Mommy’s mind wanders. I’m always creating a story in my head; a word you say, an image I see, anything really can start me off and I lose track of a game. Which means mommy tends to lose a lot. That is, if she doesn’t pay attention.
Now you know from playing that mommy is competitive maybe not as competitive as daddy, but I’ve been known to threaten to salt the earth a time or two, when one of my villages is threatened in Settlers of Katan.
You guys have developed a love for board games; because of daddy. I freely admit it. You have since you were really young have seen him and his friends play some version of a game every Saturday, for years. Now as you’ve gotten older you’ve begun to experience the camaraderie of game play.
You’re just beginning to learn to negotiate and figure out strategy. Something I wish I’d paid attention to earlier.  As I watch you laugh, wheedle and sometimes threaten the other players at the table, I have to admit I feel a sense of pride. ( Not because of the threatening. ) But, because of your ability to discern what works and what doesn't.

I knew  playing games with other's prepared you to function in the real world. Teaching preschool for three years cemented that knowledge, but honestly it’s different when it’s your kids. Seeing your personalities blossom under the one on one attention you get from daddy is reason enough to call you out of your respective rooms and demand that you turn off the TV or whatever electronic device you’re on at the time.
Like mandatory reading time which I’m happy not to have to enforce too often ( Did I mention that I love that you turn off your DS’ or the TV immediately without arguing?) Sunday afternoons or even Friday nights when we get to sit down and roll the dice or to play cards  with you is the best time.
It’s just us as a family.  Actually spending time together doing something fun. While inadvertently teaching each other how the world works.

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