Sunday, April 6, 2008

What title!

Words written today: 871
What I'm Listening to: Fall Out boy, "this ain't a scene"
What I'm reading; My WIP, which is coming together.
I was talking to a friend of a friend a few months ago and the topic of social networking sites, like My Space and Facebook came up . I'm not against them because they help me stay in touch with my friends and family. (This coming from the girl who has people scattered over the face of the earth like seeds.) But I do think you need to have commonsense when using these sites.
Which brought on the topic of people moving farther away from home than they ever have before, and becoming disconnected from their families , and cultures.
It's happened to me, at heart I'm still an island girl, but I like the anonymity of living in a big city. Though I still occasionally long for all of my friends being in one place. After all it would be wonderful not to have to think about what country code to dial. Which is utterly selfish of me because, not everyone can end up in the same place and not everyone is meant to have the same life.
I know if affects how I react to others when I go home. I generally feel disconnected, it almost as if I'm feeling my way again with this person after all I've lived in the USA since 1996. It always amazes me when someone is amazed that I remember them, i usually do, its just sometimes I can't remember a name until I actually talk to them for a while. or in one embarassing moment called someone by the wrong name.
What about you, are your family and friends scattered , or all in the same vicinity?
How do you think it affects your relationships, with them and others?
Weird questions! I know.


Lara Dien said...

We moved around a bit when I was a kid--it used to feel like a lot, but looking back, it might be it was just relative to everyone I knew. Since I didn't even grow up in one town, I'm envious of people who did, and who have 30-year friendships to show for it. Especially since we never moved anyplace exotic to make up for it ...LOL. My dad just had a bit of "the grass is greener" wanderlust.

Dara Edmondson said...

Most of my family and old friends are in the Northeast, but my newer friends (the last 20 years) are mostly in Florida. I'm pretty good about keeping in touch and manage to see the college friends when they come to FL. I've only lived in 2 states, seperated by 1200 miles!

The Write Girl said...

well girl you know that I know this situation all too well. I've lived in the states, different caribbean islands and now the UK since 1996. I go home and I don't remember names..because sometimes people CHANGE anyway and look completely different to primary school. I remember faces and I say hello. What I find odd is that there are people who seemingly resent me because I had the misfotune of being sent away for school and to live. This wasn't my choice. While I love no one knowing me and therefore my business is my own...the convenience of gettinf chinese/italian/indian...etc food at the drop of a hat..I am ready to pack up and go home. Many of my friends do live overseas (miss chocolate)but I am quite anti social at times and even at home I'll use msn or facebook to I text instead of calling..not that it's cheaper but it's just easier.
While it would have been great to grow up in one place I love that fact that I didn't..because it exposed me to cultures and lots of things that I would never have gotten in one place.I think it made ME a more well formed induvidual.

The Write Girl said...

ps: even though I've spent more than half of my life out of my homeland I have had the same best friend since I was 6...let's just say that's over 20 years....

Katie Reus said...

My immediate family lives in FL, but the rest of my fam and friends are scattered across the globe. For true friends, I don't think the distance affects our relationship other than the fact that we don't get to talk as often. I know some people think email is impersonal, but it's something I'm very thankful for. I have friends in different time zones and countries and the phone isn't always the best option. I love having friends scattered b/c I always have a different place to visit :)

Macy O'Neal said...

How's the writing going these days? (Better than the blog updating I hope!) (grin)