Sunday, February 1, 2009

Whats up?

OK I know I've been bad lately and I haven't posted as much as I should. Here's my explanation for why I've been missing.
1) I had drama going on at the day job.
- not directly my problem but it turned into my problem because my other co-workers couldn't talk it out among themselves. It really irritates me when people decide that being assertive means that you some how get a free pass to be rude and or disrespectful.
2) Also related to my day job. Caught a cold from the kiddies, and apparently there's a horrible stomach virus going around. So I suggest washing your hands an awful lot and using hand sanitizer, trust me you do not want this.
3) I've been writing.
- Shocking I know, but I really would like to get published this year. So I'm focusing on my paranormal, and trying to get it proposal ready. Which means (drum roll please) Lots and Lots of work.
4)Again related to my day job. I have to take classes online and I have to take certification test every month.
5) I'll admit it I've been down right lazy.

Forgive me!
PS I just got Suzanne Brockman's new book, I tried not to crack it open,but I failed. Miserably. So here's my resolution to this problem for every 1500 words I write I get to read another chapter. We'll see how that works. Till I post again, to quote my Daddy, "Be good, be kind and be careful."


Dara Edmondson said...

I hope job and health issues work out. I always reward myself for reaching writing goals - usually with a couple games of Scrabble. Enjoy the book.

Katie Reus said...

I love your number 5! You crack me up :) But, you need to get cracking on that paranormal woman!!

Jax Cassidy said...

Good luck on your writing! I know you'll do, get writing so you can read another chapter.