Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Little history, drama and celebration all rolled into one.

This week was an odd one for me. My father is neck deep in work for the carnival season back home in St. Vincent. which means whenever I catch up to him he's either getting home to take a much needed nap or leaving to go to work.

He runs his own radio station, Nice Radio. My brother manages the sound system and DJ end of the business. This isn't the only business we have. Daddy is a master of all trades. Suffice it to say that I grew up above a recording studio and at one time we owned and import export business. Now we import. Here's the thing my father has never let anything back him into a corner. If something doesn't work he has another idea up his sleeve.

Sometimes he's weary, other time I can only talk to him as long as he's in the car because he's so busy when he gets home he just wants to sleep. Unfortunately for now he has to maintain this pace.

Which leads me to my brother, who while attempting to ease some of the burden on my father's shoulders fell asleep at the wheel and hit another vehicle. He survived as did the passengers of the other car. But he was so exhausted because of the work schedule. On SVG when jobs come in you have to take them, because the time between Carnival and Christmas is slow. He was doing his part to make sure that they got done. I'm proud of him and extremely relieved that nothing happened to him or anyone else. I just hope nothing like this happens again.

As for the celebration: my beloved Aunt Susan the baby of the family turned 50 this month actually yesterday. the girls and i sang happy birthday to her via cell phone. We love you Aunty Susie!

Aunty Susan has always been there through the thick and the thin. She is an inspiration. At 40 she went back to school and got her Masters. To do this she had to sell her Franchise, Mothercare and Clarks, and move not only herself but her son to England. Which of course benefited Edmund her son. Now she runs her own human resources firm. There's a lot I'm not saying but she knows what I'm talking about.

So Happy Birthday!


Lion-ess said...

hi.. Glad to see u blogging and alsoto see that you finish one of ur novels.. Thank God your bro is ok as well!

I did know that your dad own Nice Radio. Really cool!

Chudney Thomas said...

Thanks. He works really hard to keep it a float. I think Barry'll get his car back soon. I'm trying to finish my short story but I realized i started in the wrong place so I'm re plotting. How have you been?

Marcia Colette said...

Ah, family. God bless them.

Your aunt sounds a lot like mine, only she doesn't have any kids. But 40+ didn't stop her from going back to school either and getting her masters degree. She's always been my inspiration. Good to hear that your brother is okay.

Lion-ess said...

I've been good.. Looking forward to reading your book! I see that you have finished!