Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kick em up!

My love affair with Chinese martial arts films began at an early age. Almost every weekend we'd head off to the cinema to see a new release and what we called a kick up film. Tonight as I watch Kung Fu Hustle while eagerly awaiting Jet Li's Fearless, I'm transported back in time to a place where you sat in the seats with a railing because you didn't want your feet on the floor and Shaolin temple made you for get you were in an old cinema.

It was here I discovered my love for men and women who kicked ass. I watched too many action movies to count. Just in case you're wondering the islands other cinema has the other movies. I still love a strong man. A man with honour and a sense of humour.

I also love a good fight scene for just that, a good fight. It's not real no one is getting hurt and you can feel free to cheer for the good or bad guy. (It just depends on your personality)

Back to my movie.


Wynter said...

DH and DS are on board with the martial arts movies. They're planning to see the new Ninja movie soon.

Katie Reus said...

I'm more of a zombie girl, but I do love a good Jet Li flick ;)