Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The people we carry.

I have my mother's hands, my grandmothers feet and I look my like my youngest aunt.
I quote my grandmother often. If I need guidance I pick up the phone and call one of my many aunts.
My life is shaped by the actions of my family, my friends and myself.
My daughters frequently remind me of my mother. They are determined and feisty.

I get my drive, my ability to dream, my determination from both my father and my mother.
It's trickled down through our family.
My grandmother's determination that all of her children would have an education, that they would always present themselves appropriately.

I hope that in the end I have the strength of my mother's hands, the perseverance of my grandmother's feet and the grace of my aunts.


Jeffe Kennedy said...

This is really lovely, Chudney! Have you read "My Father's Hands" by James Wright?

Katie Reus said...

What a beautiful post, Chudney :)

Chudney Thomas said...

Thanks Katie and Jeffe! I haven't read it, but now it's on my TBR list.

Wynter said...

Very nice. It's important to remind ourselves how our families live on. I always wondered where I got my creativity then I found some embroidery and other crafts my mother did many years ago and I knew. I never met my real mother - she passed away when I was a baby, but I have some of her in me.

Leah said...

I love this post... it's great to be surrounded by marvelous people and I'm sure you'll inherit all the positive genes and attributes. xoxo


what a lovely, lovely post. Thank you !