Thursday, October 7, 2010

People of Interest: The IT Geek!

So many of us have no idea who that dude is. He may walk around in a polo and a pair of Khakis or a pair of Jeans and a comic book T-shirt. But the IT guy is the guy that knows how to fix that pesky thing called a computer.

He speaks in a language most of us do not understand. And when you look at him in absolute puzzlement he wonders how you managed to live this long.But he's the guy you turn to when you've lost all your info, all your pictures and in general want to shoot the screen that keeps blinking.

He'll get you that new monitor, rebuild your tower, and make sure your documents go the the right printer. Though it may not happen exactly when you want it. Especially when you manage to infect your computer with a virus for the umpteenth time and he may grumble at you. However he'll get you back up and running.  

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