Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Inspiration other wise known as dragging my muse kicking and screaming to my keyboard.

So it's rare that I do a writing post, but I got to thinking after seeing someone talk about creative blocks that I could talk about inspiration at least. There are other people out there that do a wonderful job of breaking down the publishing business and giving tips on the things you can look for in a manuscript, but I can write about what inspires me. Keep in mind that I'm going to post links, I'm not trying to drive you away from my blog just show you what I'm talking about.

So someone asked if writers can have cheerleaders, David I'm talking about you. Yes they can, those people who want you to succeed, who put up with you when all you can think about is the story. My husband for instance, I drove him to work one day and forgot to let him get out of the car because I working out a plot point. He is my inspiration, especially when I've had a rough day, one for putting up with me and, two, if he can look at code all day long, I can make myself write a thousand words a day.

Then there are my friends Jeanan, who weathers pretty much everything with grace and exudes serenity. K.C. Burn who can write a book in a few months and has a folder called nebulous ideas. She can follow my switching conversations with ease and talks me down from a ledge when I need it done. Jax Cassidy who in spite of an insane schedule as a graphics artist still manages to do good for charity and write and be there for her family. In fact that's pretty much what these three do.

Then there's the fact that we meet up on most Saturday to write, all day. Even when I, or should I say my muse doesn't want to write. This is the dragging kicking and screaming part. I sit my but in the chair with a caramel latte and write, because the ideas are there and eventually the words come out.  so I should say their dedication is inspiring to me.

Then there are these people:
  •   Katie Reus She would be one of those people I meet on a Saturday, but she lives too far away. So I call her instead and talk her ear off.
These are only a few of the people and their  blogs that inspire me.

 It's not that I don't find inspiration in other ways, because believe me I'm visual, but in the end I believe that good people inspire good thoughts and good thoughts get you into a better head space to create. Unless your reading my poetry which decidedly dark.


Jax Cassidy said...

What a great list! I think we all need inspiration and it's reassuring to know that we always have it from our support system :)

KC Burn said...

You're there for me & I'm there for you! We're in this crazy thing together :) Love the list!

Chudney Thomas said...

Jax- having a support system is key in life it doesn't matter for what.

KC- Hugs, it's nice to know especially when I feel like I shouldn't be allowed to touch a keyboard.