Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Eventful day!

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Fast seemed to be the speed of the day in more ways than one. In the blink of an eye this past school year has flown by and now. Now my little girls are one step closer to growing up. Next year my eldest will be heading to middle school.

Middle school. I now have a tween, not yet a teen. Today was her fifth grade awards ceremony. She came away with the Presidential award for excellence. Grandma sat besides me crying. It was a moment.

However while I took the other child to the doctor afterwards to find out that she had pink eye, but on the way there as I was bragging on the eldest, via my cell. I was pulled over and given a hefty ticket.  So the moral of the story? If you're a known lead foot, don't  drive while excited and talk on the phone.

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David Cranmer said...

Congrats on her Presidential award for excellence. I know in a blink of an eye my daughter will be a teen. Amazing to think! But I’ll keep an eye on the speedometer. :)