Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Memorable Years.

I was watching Dancing with the stars the other night and their theme was "The most memorable year of your life."

It got me to thinking about my most memorable years.

  • 1982- my baby brother (now 6ft tall, soon to be thirty and married with kids) was born
    • I have a vivid memory of buying my mother wrigleys chewing gum at the hospital gift shop and watching him bawling at the top of his lungs through the nursery glass.
  • 1986- Traveling with my dad and brother to Canada
    • My mom was there because of her breast cancer. We stopped in Barbados and stayed with my uncle Earl and his family over night. The first time I remember meeting my cousin Tami.
  • 1989-Despite everyone telling me I was too young I passed the common entrance exam. Which much to my father's chagrin meant he had to take me to Disney
  • 1990 I entered my Alma Mater St.Vincent Girls High School
    • I followed in the footsteps of my Aunt Patsy, my mother and several cousins.
  • 1992-Had my first and only boy, girl party.
    • My mother couldn't handle it and I couldn't handle my mother freaking out.
There are many more but I figure I'll leave you with the early years. What was your most memorable year/years?


Roston King said...

Hello Blue....some of those memories you posted certainly bring back some for me too! Reckon I spent more time on your porch than most other places in Vincy over the years, did your parents ever consider charging me rent? :-D

V good time, wouldn't swap them for all the chocolate on Mars.

Squarepeg Jam said...

Some good memories you've shared with us! 1997 must be the year that sticks out most for me. Sept 1997 to be precise... the year my mother and I moved to London. Probably the worst year of my life... I have never dreaded an event or continued to hate it for so long in my life. left all my friends behind and came to a place that was totally foreign to me. But as bad as it was, it was totally necessary... all growth requires change, and that was the biggest change I have undergone in my life. Even if I could back in time, I wouldn't change it at all.

Chudney Thomas said...

Roston- you Gert, Casey,Alex and Michel were the only boys allowed to set foot in my mothers porch. I'm sure they considered it but decided against it. Probably because daddy figured he could trust you guys, barely.

Jam- You're right about change it's hard but necessary.