Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hobbies and fun stuff


This subject has come up a lot lately. Hobbies, why you need one. seems to be a theme that just keeps popping up lately. I firmly believe you should have hobbies and that you should frequently try new things in order to broaden your horizons. 

So in all fairness since I posted that meme above which I fully agree with by the way I'm going to list my three hobbies and then Challenge you to list your own.

Which isn't actually a hobby, but right now I do it for love and it will eventually make me money and technically covers number three. 

Cover for my current work in progress.

Running/ Walking/ Hiking with the family
This depends on my left knee and how hot it is outside. That pesky headache I get in the Florida summer months can be a killer.

This was one of those hot summer days. My dog hates water willingly took a swim.

 I make stuff with acrylic paint, paper and glue. I'm teaching myself how to paint with watercolor next. ( Not that I've mastered the acrylic by any stretch of the imagination)

Made for my friend Jillian who is long over due for a phone call.

Now it's your turn. What are your hobbies? Or what hobbies are you interested in picking up?

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