Tuesday, December 1, 2009


My husband and I celebrated thanksgiving with family and friends and then our 6th anniversary.

Then apparently the world went mad people kidnapping children, Tiger Woods runs into a tree. Then those bold faced people crashed the White House.

Tell me who thinks it's appropriate to crash the White House. Now they're lying about it. Hello if your name isn't on the guest list don't show up. Really what has this world come to. Can we please show other countries that we are polite, thoughtful, sensible people.

The World at large already thinks of us as pompous, arrogant, rude and unintelligent. People like those who crash events, events that are important to this country's image don't think of this, they only think of themselves. They want attention. Their only goal to climb the ladder. Social or otherwise.

The truth is as long as we continue to reward this behavior we will never be rid of this image. Don't give anyone a movie deal or a reality show simply because they had the bad manners and the gall to crash an event. Don't reward this impolite ignorant behavior.

It is intolerable and the world at large thinks that this is how we behave in general. Lets stop this now.

Ok rant over didn't even know I was going to rant, it just turned out this way.


Phyllis Bourne said...

The other news stuff hadn't really phased me, but I'm FURIOUS at the couple who crashed the White House.

You can't give the balloon boy's family jail and let these folks skate.

Chudney Thomas said...

I so agree Phyllis.
Why try to go if you don't have an addressed invitation in hand.
They apparently have a history of crashing high profile events.