Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Getting a smart phone was supposed to make my life easier!

Ok so let me start by saying I love my droid. No I'm not getting paid to say that. I do I love the convience of actually being able to get on tweetdeck without having to boot up my mini laptop (the big one has been taken over by the man).

Now does that mean that I'm constantly on tweetdeck, actually it means I'm on it about the same as I was before.

My problem: My phone is telling me that it's storage is full.

Yet, the dumb games that I'd like to have uninstalled because I'm not interested and I can do without. Yeah those that I didn't ask for. I can't unintsall them.

After much searching on this new fangled piece of equipment I've found a way to free up storage. I've also been reminded that you never stop learning. Though it may cause you to curse at an inanimate object and wish for the olden days when things weren't this confusing. You never stop learning.

So if you hear me yelling it's probably me in the midst of learning something new.

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