Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I've been told!

I've been told by my five year old not to post any pictures of her on the internet. But one from the back couldn't hurt could it?
This is the Hubby walking in the girls for their first day of school. One of the many reasons I love him.
It's almost fall I'm back at work and the kids are back in school. For me it's a time to refocus and knuckle down. What does it mean to you?


Wynter said...

Same for us. The house is quiet with DD in school so I can concentrate without interruption. That means I have no more excuses!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chudney! Your girls are adorable. My goodness, though, their backpacks are as big as they are. Hope they have a fabulous school year.

Katie Reus said...

Aww, your girls are so cute! The little one is the one w/ all the attitude right?

David Cranmer said...

These are moments your girls will always appreciate and I'll bet they will be glad you snapped the shot.

Chudney Thomas said...

Wynter: I know what you mean with both kids in school until 3 I have no excuses either.

Kaelee: Thanks, fortunately for now they only have their organizers in them. Though I'm pretty sure Kira will be bringing home those heavy books soon.

Katie: Yes the little one has the attitude, though the big one has one and has learned to be subtle.

David: I hope so.

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Adorable girls you have!
I can understand...I'm still keeping my anonymity as well! All the best with the back to school season~