Sunday, July 10, 2011

Photo Friday! On a Sunday!

I have to apologize. I was busy getting a submission ready and completely overlooked my blog.  So is Photo Friday, on a Sunday.

 Just a few experiences from RWA Nationals more to come on next Friday

Passionate Ink had Burlesque performances.

At the FFnP Party I ran into a Faery named Latessa

and Catwoman, though I'm sure I know her as Jeffe.
I went as Lana Kane.

Back to the grindstone for me.


Jeffe Kennedy said...

you were a fabulous Laura Kane, too

Chudney Thomas said...

lol, Thanks, but I do have to say that catsuit looked marvelous on you.

David Cranmer said...

You make a top Lana Kane. Great photos, Chudney.

Chudney Thomas said...

Thanks David! I have to thank the hubby for the costume though.