Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Betwixt and Between.

I sit in a place that is the middle
Betwixt and Between,
 if you will.
I inhabit a space,
that makes it difficult to settle.
Easy to bounce,
from one thought to another.
Betwixt and Between,
If you will.
 Thoughts and Images,
Words and sounds,
Emotion and movement,
A cohesive tale.
The only movement from me,
is the movement of my fingers on the keyboard.
Sound of the rythmic tapping of the keys
the occaisional murmur of
Betwixt and Between.


Tamara LeBlanc said...

I like it!
Have a great day!!

Chudney Thomas said...

Thanks! You have an even better day too! :)

Tof Eklund said...

I often feel like that - especially while writing.

Wynter said...

Love that!